D’vrei Torah

A monthly commentary relating Torah to learning about Jewish sacred aging.

EMOR: Time After Time

May 6, 2015 // 0 Comments

This week we encounter a portion that speaks, in many verses, to subject of the priests and their role. In the latter section of the portion we read chapter 23 of Leviticus, [Read more...]

A Passover Lesson From The Haggadah

April 1, 2015 // 0 Comments

We take a break from the weekly Torah cycle to welcome Passover. As you know, the Hagaddah is the central vehicle for telling our story. The richness and variety of Jewish [Read more...]

Tzav: Cleaning Our Soul?

March 24, 2015 // 0 Comments

This week’s portion, “Tzav”, begins in Leviticus 6 and details types of sacrifices that were to be brought to the ancient Temple in Jerusalem. The portion [Read more...]

Vayikra and the Small Aleph

March 18, 2015 // 0 Comments

And so, this Shabbat, we come to the beginning of the great Book of Leviticus. We settle in for discussions of law and ritual. In traditional schools, it is customary for [Read more...]
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