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Jewish Sacred Aging is a forum for the Jewish Community with resources and texts that feature discussions on the implications of the revolution in longevity for Baby Boomers and their families. We encourage you to participate in the conversation!

Rabbi Address’ Upcoming Guests on Boomer Generation Radio

Rabbi Address hosts Boomer Generation Radio every Tuesday from 10-11 a.m. on WWDB-AM 860 in Philadelphia. You can hear the program on the web.

We post podcast recordings of the programs on this website after the program airs live.

Upcoming Guests

July 7: David Friedman and Dr. Jessica Israel on Medicare and Economics of Aging....Mr Bryan Gruley of Bloomberg News on Sexuality and Nursing Homes

July 14: Ai-Jen Poo: Author of "The Age Of Dignity"..a discussion on the care-giving gap and home health workers.

July 21: Jan Collins on Creating Positive Aging

July 28: Gail Zukerman of Growing Older With Gusto

Boomer Generation Radio: Tuesdays 10-11am WWDB-AM 860 in Phila. Listen to the live stream.

Major Funding provided by Kendal Corp., Transforming the Experience of Aging.

To connect: boomergenerationradio@gmail.com

Upcoming Speaking Appearances

June 14: Littl Shul: Philadelphia, PA

June 29. 30: American Conference of Cantors Convention in Ft Lauderdale, FL

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